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Watercolour Time Laps Rose - Painting Smita's Rose

Time laps watercolour of a beautiful peach colour rose. I loved this one so much I had to paint it. It's my second attempt at a rose. I used a mix of Artists quality watercolour paint brands which are listed bellow.


Sennelier Watercolour tubes:

🎨Red Orange (640) 21ml.

🎨Alizarin Crimson (689) 21ml.

🎨Sap Green (819) 21ml.

🎨Test Pack of 6, 10ml tubes Amazon

Winsor and Newton 5ml tube:

🎨Naples Yellow:


🎨Fabriano Artistico Extra White Paper 640gms rough:


🎨Pro Arte Masterstroke Prolon Filbert and Round:


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