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Top 5 Student Quality Acrylic Paint: My list of Student Quality Acrylic Paints.

1. Windsor and Newton Galeria

Nice all rounder. Lovely creamy consistency.

Satin finish.

2. Daler Rowney System 3 Selection Set

Available as “Original” :

Selection Set 75ml:

... as well as a “Heavy Body” version which is suitable for impasto or palette knife. Heavy Body Starter Set:

Both have a satin finish.

3. Sennelier Abstract

Quite thick.

Nice background filler for large canvases.

Really great for abstracts and impasto.

Not so good for small detailed work.

They come as gloss and matt finishes so make sure you know which ones your getting for the finish you want.

120ml pouches:

4. Daler Rowney Graduate

Nice to work with.

Satin finish.

Graduate Acrylic Set of Ten 38ml:

5. Liquitex Basics

Quite thick and creamy so can be used for impasto.

Matt finish.

Liquitex BASICS 6 Tube Acrylic Paint Set, 118ml :


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